Some of the radio's features are not working properly

Issue: Some of the radio features are not working properly.

The Fix: The most common issues can be solved by performing a master reset on the radio. Resetting the radio will restore it back to the default factory settings.  You will need to reprogram all your user settings back into the radio after this step. There are two ways to reset your radio. With the ignition on.

  1. Hard Reset - This method is the best but, you will need to access the back of the radio. Unplug the main power harness from the radio for 8-10 seconds and then reinsert it back in.  Reset complete, turn the ignition on, and test. You can also disconnect the negative battery terminal for 8-10 seconds and then reconnect it.
  2. Soft Reset - Some radios have a small front-mounted reset button you can press and hold (use a toothpick or ballpoint pen) instead of accessing the back of the radio and unplugging the wire harness(not all radios have this feature).  Press and hold the reset button for 8-10 seconds and release.​​ The radio will turn off while you hold the button in. When you release the button the radio will reboot. Check the user’s manual for the location of the reset button.  If this method does not work, then perform a hard reset as stated above. Here are a few examples of where to find the reset button on the front of your radio:

Single Din Radio:


Double Din Radio:


CarPlay Radio:




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